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Lemon Sorbet

A tangy lemon sorbet crammed into a whole lemon

Coconut Pancake Roll

Thai dusit pancake roll stuffed with coconut and served with ice cream

Rambutan in Syrup

Rambutan in Syrup

Coconut Halves

Half of coconut filled with coconut ice cream

Mhor Keanng

Thai dusit custard baked and served with vanilla ice cream

Ice cream

3 scoops of your flavoured selection; Vanilla, Strawberry, Chocolate

Chocolate Trofito

A bombe of chocolate ice cream with a liquid centre and covered in a crispy nutty coating

Gluay Tod

Banana fritter fried in butter served with ice cream

Orange Sorbet

A whole fruit scooped out and filled with a flavour orange sorbet

Lychee in Syrup

Daily Special Sweet - please ask our staff for details.


Filter Coffee (Ordinary/ Decaffeinated coffee).

£3.00 (Single)
£3.95 (Double)


Liqueur Coffee (Alcoholic coffee with cream).

Tea (English/ Green/ Jasmine tea).

Gar Fair Yen (Thai traditional iced coffee)

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